Horizontal Screen

Customers' requirements both on the aggregate for asphalt pavements and the rock materials for landscaping buildings are raised. Therefore, more strict requirements for overall control of material processing are put. Terex®CedarapidsLJ-TS series EIJay (elliptical motion track) screens are the most effective and proper screens because of their impact structures, three-layer side arm casings and unique fish-shaped frames for support. These characteristics show that the screens designed and fabricated by the Terex® material processing division are sturdy and durable.


  • 01 Gear-driven Production:
    The core design is used in the three axis vibration structure of the screen box center. The gear-driven vibration device is more durable after being modified. In addition, the stroke of this device is easy to slightly adjust.
  • 02 High-strength Screen Box:
    High-strength steel side walls can extend the service life of a horizontal screen.
    1. Robust construction for durable purposes
    2. Hard side plate
    3. Three-layer-plate structural shaft power box for enlarging the maximum stress area
    4. Right-angle corner for higher ruggedness
    5. Full-length welding for large screen box beams
  • 03 Low Maintenance Cost and Long Service Life:
    1. Patented driving end lubrication system to reduce bearing lubrication friction, lower the bearing temperature and extend the service life of bearings
    2. Patented gear guard plate for easy lubrication to reduce the operation temperature and extend the bearing service life
    3. O-ring for gear box to achieve a low maintenance rate
    4. lopsided block for good balance to ensure stable screening
    5. Chrome-nickel gear for high material quality and good gear shape to ensure stable operation and extend the service life
    6. Unique labyrinth seal in the bearing end cover for rotation with no contact to improve the efficiency and extend the service life of seal
    7. Cone design of beading housing for easy bearing installation and replacement
  • 04 Innovative Elliptical Track:
    1. Low power consumption
    2. Stable operation—reducing the bump of screen box in straight line track
    3. Adjustable vibration directional angle and amplitude
    4. High productivity and high efficiency
    5. Right-angle edge design for higher strength
    6. High vibration force for better material lamination and blocking reduction
    Larger scope of materials that can be screened
  • 05 Slightly Adjust:
    Another advantage of elliptical motion track is to adjust the length and angle of motion track to meet various production requirements. The closer of vibrating direction angle to the right angle delivers more accurate fine screening and the longer stroke enables coarse materials to move forward faster. These adjustments take only several minutes.
    Wide-meshed screen:
    Rotating speed-718(rpm) in full stroke
    Medium-size grain shape material:
    Rotating speed Medium 680(rpm)
    Speed Medium
    Medium-size grain shape material:
    (Maximum efficiency of bottom screen)
    Rotating speed-Medium 663(rpm)
    Medium-size grain shape material:
    (Maximum efficiency of bottom screen)
    Rotating speed-Medium 663(rpm)
  • 06 Easy Adjustment and Operation:
    1. Remove the bolts used as keys in the gear center and then rotate gears to new positions to change the angles of elliptical vibration tracks.
    2. Increase or decrease the number of eccentric blocks to change the amplitude.
    3. Keep the speed between 675-875rpm by replacing motor wheels.

modelCedarapids TSH/TSV 6203Cedarapids TSH/TSV 8203
screen mesh1828 x 6000mm2438 x 6000mm
motor40hp (30kW)50hp (37kW)
path of particleellipsoidellipsoid
main shaft quantity33
route adjustingchange the phase angle of gearchange the phase angle of gear
max route19mm19mm
max feeding size254mm-355mm254mm-355mm
max screen mesh size127mm127mm
可选件淋水除尘管、橡胶弹簧或线圈弹簧、 基础机架、聚氨脂筛网或金属编织筛网、底部张紧的底层 筛、楔形夹装置、粗筛配置、防堵球筛层淋水除尘管、橡胶弹簧或线圈弹簧、 基础机架、聚氨脂筛网或金属编织筛网、底部张紧的底层筛、楔形夹装置、粗筛配置、防堵球筛层