Ladder Dry Mix Mortar Mixing Equipment

The ladder dry mix mortar mixing equipment developed by NFLG is relatively low. And it takes a larger floor space compared with tower style. The foundation load is small, which is proper for mortar product that is not sensitive to aggregate and mixing. And it is proper to produce ordinary mortar and some special mortar. The energy consumption is relatively high.


  • 01 Drying System:
    The system uses the double return drying drum unique in China, and provides a discharge temperature less than or equal to 65℃ and a moisture content less than 0.5%. The system also provides the unique intelligent detection, the online warning system, the fault indication function, and the humanized control interface.
  • 02 Dust Collection System:
    The system uses the unique integrated container (gravity + bag) dust collector to achieve intelligent control of pulse ash removal, with the all environmental emissions less than 20mg/Nm³.
  • 03 Screening System:
    The efficient and stable probability screen provides the screening efficiency greater than 85%. The fast access cover and the self-cleaning screen system require no maintenance.
  • 04 Metering System:
    The accurate, stable and reliable metering system uses the unique frequency conversion feeding technology to achieve a higher metering precision, thereby preceding the industrial standards.
  • 05 Mixing Engine:
    The advanced plough share mixing mechanism, the core patent technology and the unique patented frequency conversion mixing technology provide high efficiency and energy conservation to decrease by 25% of energy consumption and reach a high mixing ratio of 1:10000 for high abrasion resistance and log service life.
  • 06 Bulk Dust Collection System for Environmental Protection:
    The unique bulk unloading and dust collection separation control optimizes dust removal efficiency, which is the best technology in the industry.
  • 07 Intelligent Control System:
    The double-computer synchronous production management control system developed by NFLG achieves no time for downtime. The fault alarm patent is safe and reliable and the report classification, collection and query function ensures that cloud data can be queried.
  • 08 Requirement-oriented Customization:
    Clean plant integration system for environmental protection

    Automatic palletizing system

    Non-standard requirement-oriented customization of special mortar production line

  • 09 Product Service:
    Real-time and fast service
    Remote monitoring service
    Cloud data collection and diagnosis service

main machineFJD1200FJD2000FJD3000FJD4500FJD6000
high speed endtwo-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW)、four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)
volume fraction of mixer70%70%70%70%70%
aggregate size (mm)0~4.750~4.750~4.750~4.750~4.75
aggregate scale(kg)(200~1300)±1%(200~2000)±1%(400~3000)±1%(400~3800)±1%(500-5800)±1%adjustable according to client's requirement
cement scale(kg)(100~700)±1%(100~800)±1%(200~1300)±1%(200~1800)±1%(200~2000)±1%adjustable according to client's requirement
additive scale(kg)(5~30)±0.5%(10~50)±0.5%(10~200)±0.5%(10~200)±0.5%(10~200)±0.5%adjustable according to client's requirement