Sand Washer

NFLG has developed an intelligent sand washer independently by introducing the most advanced washing technology. The hydrocyclone separation technology is adopted to eliminate sludge, clay and other impurities of the size less than 75μm and reclaim fine sand of the size larger than 75μm maximally. Meanwhile, the technology can dyhydrate efficiently the materials washed and control the moisture content of finished sand. The technology enjoys good cleanliness, less losses of fine sand and strong processing capability. The applications of the equipment: various types of concrete, mortar, asphaltic sand, river sand, lake sand, silica sand for use in the glass industry, golf course sand, bed sand, iron sand, tailings and other recovered materials.


  • Advantages and features:
    Solid heavy structure is perfectly suitable for harsh operating environment;
    Good cleanliness, little losses of fine sand and strong ability of processing;
    The downward spiral feeding is used to separate the impurities of larger than 75 μm effectively and completely.
    The streamlined high frequency vibrating screen enjoys optimal dehydration effect and the moisture content after dehydration is approximately 10%-15%;
    The self-adjusted rotational flow tank is equipped with floating system and anti-turbulence parts, which can adjust water levels and reduce the effect on spillover;
    The main recyclable materials discharged into setting basins can be decreased, thus reducing maintenance and saving costs. Special wear-resistant materials are used at the positions prone to wear and tear which postpones the service life.
  • 02 Cyclone separator:
    Double hydraulic cyclone separator
    Wear-proof ceramic is used to greatly enhance service life.
    The gradual down-warding spiral (external separator in barrel) feeding enables smooth flowing and greater running torque with significant effect.
    Overflow collection tank, diversion trench.
    High abrasion-resistance rubber delivery hose and sub-feed tank.
  • 03 Centrifugal slurry pump:
    High efficiency, little vibration, low noise, reliable operation, long service life.
    High-chromium alloy
    High abrasion-resistance rubber delivery hose
  • 04 Anti-turbulence device:
    Restrain turbulent flow when materials enter a collection tank and reduce the influence on hydro-cyclone separation and overflow.
  • 05 Back-flow devic:
    The self-adjusted suspension system can keep the water level at a constant range so as to guarantee the concentration of slurry.

Feeding Size(mm)0-5