RLB Series Asphalt Hot Recycling Equipment

When the old asphalt mixtures planed from aging asphalt pavements using the recycling technology are added at different mixing ratios to the mixers in asphalt mixing plants of various models for stirring after these mixtures are screened, heated, stored and metered, the RLB series asphalt hot recycling equipment evenly mixes these mixtures with the original raw materials in the mixers to produce high-quality asphalt mixtures. The majority of asphalt mixing equipment used in China's pavement engineering is the forced batching plant. The use of other recycling methods means that the existing equipment will be unused or abandoned. In this regard, the best choice is to add the recycling function module to the existing equipment through upgrading and reconstruction, which will expand the equipment's applications, thereby bringing you more benefits. The RLB series asphalt hot recycling equipment developed by NFLG is the specially designed forced intermittent asphalt mixing plant.


  • 01 Cold Feeding System:
    The cold feeding system consists of two groups of independent cold feeding bins with a volume of 9m³. Non-vibrating alarm lights and net preventing oversize materials from entering hoppers are installed on the top of the two bins and vibrators are installed on the bin walls. Meanwhile, arch breakers in special structures are installed due to the low fluidity of the old reclaimed asphalt to ensure smooth material processing.
  • 02 Feeder:
    The feeder uses both frequency control and discharge gate opening to control the feeding amount. The raised edge conveyer belts are used to prevent material overflow. No-material detection and alarm devices are set to timely inform material feeding through transmission signals and alarm lights.
  • 03 Feeding Belt Conveyor:
    The feeding belt conveyor is equipped with dischargers and emergency pull switches. To prevent oversize recycling materials from entering the equipment, a specially designed cold feeding vibrating screen is used to remove large materials and impurities.
  • 04 Heating System + Burner:
    The heating system using parallel-flow heating has the patented internal flexible blade transmission structure, which makes full use of thermal energy, thereby ensuring that asphalt on the reclaimed materials is excited and that the heated reclaimed materials are not stuck to the inner wall of the cylinder and the blade. In addition, strict exhaust temperature monitoring is used to prevent the asphalt on aggregate from burning and aging. The burner imported from Italy uses compressed air nebulization to produce special combustion flames. They apply to light and heavy oil and have a heavy oil preheating system. Drying and heating temperature control of the reclaimed materials: The imported infrared thermometer is used to keep the temperature within ±5°C.
  • 05 Reclaimed Material Elevator:
    The wear-resistant ring chain bucket elevator is used as the reclaimed material elevator to provide an anti-reverse device.
  • 06 Hot Reclaimed Material Weighting Hopper:
    The hot reclaimed material weighting hopper uses the imported sensor to control weighting accuracy and make it meets, the national standards. The imported cylinders and electronic control valves are used for weighting and discharging. The transition hopper, weighting hopper and chute use heating insulation through heat transfer oil to ensure smooth handling of the reclaimed materials.
  • 07 Dust Collection System:
    A draught fan in special structure imported from Italy is used as the induced draft fan of the dust collection system to prevent cooking fumes from being stuck to the draught fan blades. To meet environmental protection requirements, blue smoke generated in the hot recycling drying drum is not discharged into air but entering the drying drum of the asphalt mixing equipment through funnels for secondary combustion to eliminate harmful waste gases, thereby benefiting the nation, residents, and ourselves.
  • 08 Control System:
    The control system of the asphalt mixing equipment uses non-button operation control to achieve full-automatic and manual operation. The system also uses the humanized control interface to display technological production processes and fault alarms in real time. The main electrical components are selected from the world-renowned brands. The standard PROFIBUS field bus technology is used to conveniently interface with asphalt mixing equipment of various models at home and abroad. The recycling control system can be integrated into the company's production control system or used as an independent control system to be compatible with other companies' control systems.

total power185 kW236 kW254 kW283 kW
metering accuracy (static state)±0.5±0.5±0.5±0.5
metering accuracy (dynamic state)±2.5%±2.5%±2.5%±2.5%
cold material silo9 m³9 m³9 m³9 m³
hot material silo4 m³4.5 m³4.5 m³4.5 m³
metering silo1 m³1.2 m³1.5 m³2 m³
belt transmission capacity160-180t/h160-180t/h160-180t/h200-220t/h
elevator capacity80-100t/h130-150t/h160-180t/h200-220t/h
dry drum capacity60-80t/h110-130t/h140-160t/h180-200t/h
oil consumption≤6.5kg/t≤6.5kg/t≤6.5kg/t≤6.5kg/t