24h Customer Service System

Here is the information center for contacting us. We will be on line around-the-clock, providing you with one-stop service including introduction to service outlets, product design, technical support, product complaints, service complaints, repair and stand parts consultancy. All your needs can be delivered in an accurate and effective manner. Our powerful personnel (information exchange center, product promotion center, industrial service center, customer satisfaction improvement center, customer behavior analysis center and so on) and technical strength will enable your needs to be delivered, replied and satisfied in first time. You can contact us any time anywhere through the contact information on your PC or phone.

Online customer service: click here

Carefree Cloud Service System

NFLG cloud service system can collect data of equipment operating status and physical condition of parts with its automation control and Internet of Things and send data to cloud servers through Internet or wireless networks. Then the technical service team of NFLG will analyze such data professionally and initially supply customers with remote equipment diagnosis and maintenance, thus realizing the housekeeping style carefree cloud equipment service. Additionally, the analysis, suggestion and other value-added services, such as, energy saving, cost reduction, efficiency and quality improvement and business-assisted management.

Online expert diagnosis:send the real-time photo of equipment operating to the NFLG remote monitoring center for timely diagnosis by headquarter engineers, thus providing timely effective processing solutions.

Performance evaluation of complete equipment: send the operating status of the equipment and physical condition of parts via Internet to the cloud server, and initially issue early warning through specialized analysis by its technical and service team.

Predictive maintenance management: the real-time online monitoring on physical conditions of equipment enables engineers to solve equipment malfunction on line in an effective and convenient manner.

Operational benefit improvement: the operational benefit analysis service can be customized by customers. NFLG cloud platform will monitor equipment operation remotely, collect and analyze operational data and provide business assisted management service to reduce energy consumption and costs and enhance efficiency.

National service outlets

Twenty nine sales outlets and thirty two distribution centers will offer you online or offline housekeeping-style sales services around the clock. At the site of installation, we will offer you all-around free training including equipment operation, overhaul, trouble-shooting, daily maintenance. You can also organize your personnel to visit our company, and we will strive to train talents skilled in equipment operating for the industry. Regular preventative revisit service is offered for all equipment to get its operating status. The stable operation of your equipment is always in our mind.

Technical expert team

The expert team consisting of doctors, masters, senior engineer, professors, doctoral advisers and other high-level technical talents has the capability of overcoming difficulties independently or jointly with colleges and universities.

The expert team is equipped with a 500m² lab center to conduct experiments of cement concrete, asphalt concrete and dry mixing mortar materials as well as detection & analysis of raw materials.