Sand Making Machine

Not all crushers are used in the same applications, and therefore we provide various crusher types. Terex®Canica vertical-shaft impact crushers have durable structures and cheap quick-wear parts, which brings high competitiveness in the market. In addition, these crushers have flexible configurations. Selecting proper configuration is the key to reduce the costs of wear-out parts and the downtime, thereby maximizing the profits. In this regard, we provide various crusher types, such as open-type and close-type rotor, impeller, rock cavity and anvil to meet different production and operation requirements.


  • Advantages of Vertical-shaft Impact Crushers:
    Good particle shape
    1. Multiple material choices (excluding soft rock materials)
    2. Uniform material gradation
    3. High crushing ratio
    4. High quality
    5. High productivity
    6. Easy maintenance
    7. Low investment
  • 01 Shoe and Anvil:
    Applicable large-size, soft or medium-abrasive materials
    Open-type rotor and anvil configuration provide high productivity, high crushing ratio and flexible feeding sizes.
  • 02 Rock and Anvil:
    Medium-abrasive materials for high crushing ratio
    Close-type rotor and anvil configuration provide rotor grinding effects and efficient crushing characteristics of anvil.
  • 03 Rock on Rock:
    Applicable to all rock material types and the most abrasive materials
    Close-type rotor and anvil(rock cavity) configuration provide real-time(stone dozen stone) crushing, low costs of quick-wear parts, and good and uniform particle shapes.

modelCanica 1400Canica 2000SD
max feeding size51mm102mm
max capacity (t)113250
power100 - 250hp(75-186kW)200 - 400hp(149-298kW)
optional inner designHD, HDS, ROS,RORHD, HDS,ROS Highspeed,ROR Highspeed,ROS HD, ROR HD