Tracked Mobile Reaction Crushing Station

NFLG TEREX tracked mobile reaction crushing station has four types. TEREX®NFLG I-130 is designed for quarrying, mining, solid waste recycling and reusing.I-130RS has the crushing and screening functions. It is added a 4,270x1,520mm single-layer sieve-sieve box which can be quickly disassembled.TEREX®NFLGI-11 is a medium-sized reaction crushing station. In the quarry, mines and solid waste recycling, it provides the owner with excellent crushing ratio and the product particle type with a high consistency .TEREX®NFLGI-111 based on the I-111 is added a 3 350mmx1 525mm loop sieve, double-layer screen sieve box and feeding belt conveyor which is used for sending the over-sized material back to the host.


  • 01 I-130RS Tracked Mobile Reaction Crushing Station:
    Detachable mono-layer screen mesh screen box, screen mesh size of which is 4,270mmx1,520mm. The device can send huge materials back to host for re-crushing through the self-equipped circulatory system.
    The screening equipment and the fine material belt conveyor are easy to be dismantled, and the machine can easily be changed to the open ring crushing.
    The unloading height of the self-equipped fine material belt conveyor can reach 3,700mm. The self-equipped fine material belt conveyor can be directly stacked or second screened.
  • 02 I-130 Tracked Mobile Reaction Crushing Station:
    Hydraulic auxiliary adjusted counter plate can be adjusted conveniently and quickly.
    Heavy grate bar vibrating feeder is with complete pre-screening function, which can discharge useless fine materials from the side conveyor for further processing.
    Wear-resisting lining plate vibration feeder which can be optionally installed below the crusher can help material transfer, prevent crusher bottom plugging.
    The standard equipment of directly drive crusher is 4-plate hammer, with optional 3-plate hammer rotor.
  • 03 I-111/I-111RS Tracked Mobile Reaction Crushing Station:
    The vibration feeder is installed below the crushing host to help discharge which can reduce blockage.
    Combined belt conveyor can lift auxiliary cleaning work
    Fuel-saving drive mode can reduce operating costs
    Load management system can control feeding speed
    Full hydraulic auxiliary adjusting reaction plate can be conveniently and quickly adjusted
    Heavy vibrating feeder is with pre-screening function and can discharge useless fine materials from the side belt conveyor
    The standard configuration is 4-plate hammer rotor and optional 3-plate hammer rotor

main machineCR014CR014IP1313IP1313
rotor diameterØ1040 x 1100Ø1040 x 1100Ø1270 x 1220Ø1270 x 1220
max feeding size500mm500mm550mm550mm
upper impact plate css range60-150mm60-150mm40-200mm40-200mm
bottom impact plate css range20-75mm20-75mm20-100mm20-100mm
article grate(mm)42425050
openning size800x1130800x11301099x12381099x1238
standard hammer2 long+2 short2 long+2 short2 long+2 short2 long+2 short
engineC9    242kWC9    242kWC13    328kWC13    328kW
return material screen box
1520mmx3660mm double decks
1520mmx4270mm single deck
max capacity320tph320tph425TPH425TPH
magnetic seperatoroptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
weight(without magnetic seperator)32400kg40200kg49000kg59000kg
delivery size LxWxH14.5mx2.6mx3.5m16.3mx3.1mx3.5m14.7mx3.0mx3.8m17.3mx3.2mx3.8m
working size LxWxH14.2mx4.3mx3.5m16.3mx4.8mx4.5m16.0mx6.0mx4.2m18.3mx6.0mx4.5m