Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing Station

NFLG TEREX tracked mobile cone crushing station has six models. Oil-electricity dual-use tracked mobile cone crushing station is a new product of NFLG TEREX. Its power driven crushing operations can save energy costs, and reduce the maintenance cost of the hydraulic system. C-1550 has TEREX®1300 cone crushing machine, with optional TEREX patent mono-layer pre- screening module, 2.45mx 1.52m screen. It is used for screening out the fine material before the material enters into the crushing host .C-1540RS a mobile crushing and screening equipment which is used for crushing and screening .C-1540RS increases feedback system and double-layer grading screen on the basis of C-1540. When there is no need recycling or grading materials, we can quickly remove the grading sieve from the device, without any lifting equipment. It is proved that C-1540 tracked mobile cone crushing station has excellent performance in aggregate production and the application of the surface soil of the mine as it has good productivity and high efficiency.


  • 01 C-1540E Oil-Electricity Dual-Use Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing Station:
    Track walking and equipment stretching and folding are driven by the diesel engine and provides power for other operation after being connected to the external power supply on the site.
    Electric fittings and control systems have humanized design, with safety interlock, to ensure the engine does not start when the motor is working, and vice versa.
    The self-equipped electrical control panel can be connected directly to 380-415V (50HZ) three-phase grid. The electric drive system is simple and efficient, with high reliability and lower maintenance cost.
    In the condition of high altitudes, since its work is driven by the electricity, it can still maintain efficient crushing efficiency.
    Compared with the diesel engine driving, the cost of power driving is significantly reduced.
    Electrical components are placed in the power unit control box, which is convenient and safe.
    Reliable folding system can reduce the space occupied by equipment, which is convenient for transportation.
  • 02 C-1550Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing Station:
    The full hydraulic tight side discharge with the monitoring system can be quickly adjusted and easy for operation.
    Advanced electronic control system directly drives the crushing machine, the speed of which can be adjusted, ensuring the grain shape of the finished product.
    Overload protection system with automatic reset can protect the crushing host and reduce downtime.
    Metal detection systems are installed in a belt of feeder. Automatic shutdown system can play a protective effect when metal objects enter into the host. Impurity discharging system can directly remove the metal out of the machine.
  • 03 C-1540RS Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing Station:
    Double-layer grading screen can be removed; with the size of 3.66m X 1.52m .It can send huge materials back to the crushing host through the self-equipped recycling conveyor.
    When there is no need for screening and re-crushing, the screening equipment and fine material conveyor can be quickly removed. When optional lower sieve and optional stacking belt conveyor work together, they can produce products of another specification.
  • 04 C-1540 Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing Station:
    Hydraulic driven cone crushing host with adjusted speed and high yield can guarantee the finished product grain shape. Pre- screening system can maximize the production. It can remove the fine materials before it enters into the host to reduce the wear of the host.
    Belt feeder has the metal detection system. Automatic shutdown system can play a protective role when the metal objects enters into the host and impurity discharging system can directly remove the metal material out of the machine.

main machineTC1000TC1000TC1000TC1300
max feeding size(mm)160mm160mm160mm220mm
eccentric shaft rotory speed350-394RPM350-394RPM350-394RPM323RPM
CSS range16-34mm16-34mm16-34mm20-40mm
feeding hopper(m3)
enginePerkins  74.5kWC9   261kWC13   328kWC15  390kW
total power207kW

max capacity260tph260tph260tph390tph
delivery size16.8mx2.8mx3.5m16.9mx2.8mx3.5m18.8mx3.1mx3.5m18.3mx3.0mx3.8m
working size15.7mx3.9mx5.2m15.8mx3.8mx4.8m19.0mx4.7mx4.8m19.0mx7.1mx5.6m