NAS powder-removing device

The efficient power treatment equipment is developed by NFLG specifically for processing powder in sand aggregates, mainly extra powder and mud (less than 150µm in size) in raw materials, as well as the separation of fine particles (smaller than 40µm) in finished sand aggregates. NAS series powder processing equipment features high efficiency of classification and low cost of equipment due to the principle of air classification adopted.


  • 01 :
    The removal of powder and mud in raw materials is realized by the inner circulation of air inside engine without externally installed fans.
  • 02 :
    The several built-in adjustable points of classification can adapt to different materials and moisture content.
  • 03 :
    High wear-resistant materials and isolation effect of powder enables minor wear and tear and low cost

Cylinder Diameter(mm)36604880
Feeding Size(mm)0~100~10
Capacity (t/h)40~6090~150
Grading (/)4P4P
Spindle Speed (r/min)260149