Self-Compacting Concrete Mobile Mixing Station

Self-compacting Concrete Mobile Mixing Station developed by NFLG and CARS can be applied to CRTSIII, which is developed specially for China high-speed railway technology. High-compact, flexible and newly-developed mixing host can meet the requirement of new concrete proportion and non-traditional aggregate mixing. The design is humanized and the system of it is intelligent, which will do help for the development of china high-way. The cement used in high-speed railway construction requires fluidity and is flat without pressuring, which requires the mixer of the cement producer is accurate in calculation and measurement as well as measure the water content and temperature according to the weather. YHCN50 self-compacting concrete mobile mixing station developed by NFLG can totally meet these requirements.


  • 01 Highly-integrated, Flexible and Convenient:
    Performance characteristics: overall-pull design and self-leveling system make it easy to move. The built-in generating unit and air compressor unit is equipped. The water-gate, gas circuit and electric circuit have been installed completely.
  • 02 Mixing System:
    JN serial mixer. The newly-developed counter-current vertical-shaft planetary two-way mixer has mixing track with rheological property. By utilizing this technology, the requirement of new concrete proportion and non-traditional aggregate mixing can be met.
  • 03 Discharging System:
    The hydraulic lifting mechanism can store 2 cadmium materials, avoiding the defects of other crane way such as waiting for material. The bigger outlet can discharge concrete quickly without residual.
  • 04 Powder System:
    The built-in 6.5m³ powder storage makes it feasible to unpack manually. Many arch breaking structures are installed in the powder bank to ensure the fluency of blanking. Connecting the big end and small end of accurate calculation and measurement avoids the influence the spiral have on powder. Reasonable permeability design, balance filler pressure effectively avoid impact on the measurement.
  • 05 Aggregate System:
    Two 1.2m³built-in stone storages and one 2.5m³ gravel storage with modified frequency are used for discharging, precluding the difficulty of material distribution and improving the accuracy of calculation and measurement.
  • 06 Liquid System:
    One 1.5m³ built-in water storage and two 0.5 m³ admixture boxes. The specially designed liquid calculation and measurement system can be applied to special construction condition.
  • 07 Humanized Design:
    Built-in pulse dust remover can remove dust automatically. Many maintenance doors are installed in the flank with big maintenance space inside.
  • 08 Intelligent Control System:
    There are three ways to operate including automatic, semi-automatic and manual, making the production process is easier and the accuracy of calculation and measurement is higher. The touch-screen industrial pad with control-regulation, frequency-control and automatically drop-adjustment can be used. Humanized-operation on report, which can be classified, summarized and inquired. The export is convenient and reliable. The main component comes from famous brand such as MITSUBISHI, OMRON and SCHNEIDER.

Planetary mixerModelJN750
Output capacity(L)750
Aggregate size(mm)≤60
Raw material storage hopper volumeStone hopper 1(m³)1.2
Stone hopper 2(m³)1.2
Sand hopper(m³)2.5
Powder material hopper(m³)6.5
Liquid additive tank 1(m³)0.5
Liquid additive tank 2(m³)0.5
Weighing range and accuracyStone scale 1(kg)(150-300)±2%
Stone scale 2(kg)(150-300)±2%
Sand scale (kg)(300-600)±2%
Powder scale(kg)(190-380)±1%
Water scale(kg)(65-130)±1%
Liquid additive scale(kg)(1-10)±1%
Total power(kW)113