In 1991, the company was established, concentrating on the research and development of stabilized soil mixing equipment.

In 1992, China's first mobile stabilized soil mixing equipment was delivered.


In 1992, the company started the research and development of cement concrete mixing equipment.

In 1994, China's first mobile concrete mixing equipment was delivered.


In 1999, the first asphalt mixing equipment was delivered.


In 2000, the company stepped into the research and development of dry mortar mixing equipment.
In 2004, the production line of dry mortar mixing equipment was delivered.
In 2004, the first asphalt plant mix hot recycling equipment was delivered.


In 2010, the company cooperated with an international mine crushing giant(Terex) to solve aggregate crushing problems.


In 2012, the company cooperated with KEMCO to solve fine aggregate processing problems. The one who acquires the aggregate production technology will win the world.


Earlier before 2004, the company made innovations in the research and development of concrete mixing equipment to develop the wet batching recovery system.


After a trial to improve asphalt mixing equipment, the company started the development of asphalt plant mix hot recycling equipment.


The company made large technical investment to develop dry sand makers, replacing river sand with high-quality aggregate.


At the end of 2012, the company set up a team to develop and produce the construction recycling system, pioneering the way to develop the industry technology and fulfill social responsibilities.